Crystal clear products will be used for Facial treatments. This treatment will incorporate amazing hand on face approach with no application of machinery.

Express facial

This treatment will refresh and energise the skin with cleansing, exfoliator & massage circulation. The result will make you feel young and refreshed.

Facial (STAY YOUNG: INTENSE ANTI_AGEING/Skin brightening)

This treatment will bring back life and make you feel young and good. The outcome of this treatment will make you look in the mirror and keep admiring yourself. Your damaged and dehydrated skin will be brought back to better than original condition.

The treatment also will act as a preventative treatment for clients of all ages.

Facial problem solvers

For spot-prone, congested or Oily skin, uneven, dull & tired looking skin, our revitalising problem solver range will breathe life into your skin. This skin care range is developed to cleanse soothe and repair problematic, spot-prone skin. The product contains anti-inflammatory ingredients which will leave the skin glowing beautiful and refreshed. The results are obvious after the first treatment, the skin is firmer, smoother and more rejuvenated.

Additionally, this treatment will also take care of greasy and spot-prone skin.

Facial (Complex c)

This cutting edge care development product is highly effective in delivering incredible improvement to the skin. This cleverly formulated complex-c skin care product produced to the maximum strength recommended by each ingredient developer giving our customer the highest quality product in the market. This range encourages natural skin rejuvenation through active ingredients. This treatment is completed with Super Repair Mask which will calm, sooth and detox the skin.